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You’ll be part of a growing golf community of golfers that want to learn how to make their golf simple, but also have a chance to get more serious about their level of play. It’s our goal to provide you with new material, new techniques, game tips and offerings on a regular basis.

Below we have assembled an array of sample video lessons. Because Make Your Golf Simple works on every element of the game, we have provided a variety of videos that will give you an example of our instructional videos.

Engaging the Bounce

Have you ever heard that you need to use the bounce of the wedge when playing your short game shots? And if so, have you wondered what that really meant? This video discusses that topic and provides a simple technique for ensuring you are engaging the bounce properly.

Aligning & Aiming Your Finish

Many golfers struggle with aiming and aligning properly. Often it is because they focus too much on the toe line at address instead of the shoulder line. This video discusses some simple alignment cues along with learning how to aim your finish for more accuracy.

Transition, Stable Face & Ground Force

Having a stable face during delivery is partially dependent on the quality of the swing segment from transition to delivery. Making sure the forces, torques and motions are all complimentary in that swing segment is key. This video expands on those concepts.

Mini-Tour Player Follow-Up Lesson

This is a follow-up lesson for the Mini-Tour Player that was featured in the Sample Videos. We discuss refinements in his transition and getting the work done early in the downswing so that he can create more efficient clubhead speed along with accuracy.

PGA Tour Champions Refinement

In this video we review the process used to get Scott McCarron to the top of the PGA Tour Champions, as well as what refinements we still want to make in order for him to play his best golf. Much of the improvements relate to improving his arm swing. In the past we focused mainly on the body actions since Scott is a Body Player. With that work done, the remaining refinements are with the arm swing. Of course we still need to maintain the skills we’ve already developed.

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