9 Basic Swing Flaws

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Understanding the common swing flaws can help you stay on track with Making Your Golf Simple. This module explains the 9 most common swing flaws and what needs to happen to correct them. 18 videos approximately 107 minutes in total.
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  • 9 Basic Swing Flaws – Over-the-Top, The Head Downer, The Hang Back Flipper, The Hands Lagger, The Stuck Golfer, The Swayer, The Knee Dipper, The Reverse Tilter, Out of the Bucket.
  • Although Fault & Fix learning often creates fleeting improvements and even roller coaster ride type experiences, understanding your common swing flaw can help you stay the course to improvement.
  • Understanding the habits that lead to your common swing flaws can also help you understand what you need to do to adjust when the “wheels fall off” on the golf course.
  • Many of the Basic Swing Flaws creep into are swings due to misconceptions in conventional instruction. This module will help you understand those common misconceptions.
  • Acquiring a thorough understanding of those common swing flaws can also help you avoid going “Down the Rabbit Hole” when developing your skills. In a sense that understanding can help you head off potential detours along the way.
  • Approximately 107 minutes of instructional videos covering the 9 most common swing flaws and what needs to happen to correct them.

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