Understanding Your Lefts & Rights

Great for Recreation, Avid and Competitive Golfers

Controlling your ball flight is one of the keys to Making Your Golf Simple. There are both left and right ball flight influences in your golf swing. Learn how to manage those influences so that you will own your ball flight control with 24 videos of over 250 minutes of coaching.
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  • Remember this SIMPLE idea – if your shots are going left then your left influences are stronger than your right influences.
  • On the flip-side, if your shots are going to the right, your right influences are stronger than your left influences.
  • When your left and right influences are complimenting each other, you get your desired ball flight.
  • There are good lefts and rights as well as bad lefts and rights. The good ones lead to well played shots and the bad ones to undesirable misses.
  • This module will help you identify your best lefts and rights. You find two good lefts and two good rights and how they blend together to compliment each other, producing the desired golf shots!
  • Four hours plus of instructional videos helping you develop your best left and right influences while learning to package them up to control your ball flight better.

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