Power Stacking

Great for Avid and Competitive Golfers of All Levels

It is commonly said, “Power Golf is played from the ground up!” This module will help you understand exactly what that means and how to develop more effortless power with 11 videos covering 94 minutes of instruction.
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  • Having sufficient power is a key aspect of playing well. Developing effortless power also makes it easier to score consistently lower scores.
  • Power stacking techniques help you develop effortless power by learning to create a sound power base with your interaction with the ground. Basically, it establishes a sound ground force pattern.
  • Power golf from the ground up depends on good footwork, and good footwork is the foundation of Power Stacking.
  • Upon your Power Stacking foundation, you will learn to Level Up. By that I mean you will develop multiple levels of power that will equate to playing different types of shots. Let’s develop your best ground force pattern and learn to play flighted shots, control shots and power shots as you level up.
  • This module will help you develop effortless power from the ground up, founded in sound footwork and applied through multiple levels.
  • Approximately 1 hour 34 minutes of instructional videos helping you develop a powerful swing from the ground up. Additionally, it will help you develop multiple levels of power produces more shot options.

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