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Our lesson modules are structured to approach and coach every aspect of the game. In The Skills Videos section you will find a sample of some of the ESSENTIAL keys to Making Your Golf Simple. Below that you will find a sampling of lessons covering a wide range of golfers and skill sets.

The Skills Videos

Putting Essentials

Skills Putting Essentials
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The skill of Aim-Square Return-Square is one of the essential skills. In this video we discuss that essential skill in putting as well as a good feedback tool to help you become a better putter!

Around the Green Essentials

Skills Around the Green
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Setting up for Success is another key aspect of your Essential Skills. We also need good touch with our short game shots around the green. In this video we discuss those skills and help your customize your technique for your specific needs. Then we package it all up through an effective process for performance.

Wedge Play Essentials

Skills Wedge Play
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Set-up for Success, start direction and touch are all essential to playing good golf. Another key influence is what we call your Stroke Shape. In this video, learn why it is important and how to apply it in your wedge game.

Approach Shot Essentials

Skills Approach Shot
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Solid iron play is essential to scoring well. We are going to make your approach play more simple and accurate by improving your focus. In this video you will learn a simple technique for improving your focus.

Driving Essentials

Skills Driving Essentials
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Great Driving is also essential to scoring well. In this video we discuss a simple training process that will help you develop solid driving skills.

Recreational-Avid Golfer Lesson Videos

A Junior Golfer Lesson

Junior Golf
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This video shows what we worked on in the second lesson for this young man. As you will see, we worked on essential skills in his wedge game. During the lesson we spent a 1/3 of the time on wedge play, 1/3 on iron shots and 1/3 on Driving. This video covers just the first part of the lesson.

Female Golfer Lesson

Fairway Wood
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The student in this video is a recreational golfer striving for more consistency. Throughout our first season together we worked on identifying what she did well when swinging her best and creating a process to be able to repeat her best swings more often. Her basic skills were pretty good to begin with, however she needed to learn to focus more confidently in order to use those skills more regularly.

Left Handed Male Golfer Lesson

Focus and Process
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The gentleman in this lesson and I worked together for just one season. Throughout the golf season we worked on improving his Fundamental Skills while reducing urges to muscle his shots. As a regular part of his training we also worked on improving his focus, his routine and process.

Avid Golfer

3 Cues to Improving
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This video is a compilation of the key aspects of the first lesson with this student. He’s been a 16-19 handicap for a few years. Starting out as a 19 and working down to a 16 each year and returned to a 19 before the beginning of the next season. Though he has taken lessons he didn’t feel like he was finding lasting improvements. He came to this lesson hopeful to find a new approach to improving, one that would produce results. Watch the video to see his progress!

An Athletic Golfer

Committment and Process
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This student is a Recreational Golfer who’s athletic and recently committed to improving his game. His goal is to become a solid single digit handicap. Our main goal in this lesson was to review what we worked on in previous lessons, since he had a short break from practicing and playing. Then we focused on packaging up a few essentials, followed by striving for a consistent execution of his process.

Competitive Golfers of all Levels

High School Golfer

COMP High School
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The player in this video is looking to improve his driving skills as well as his focus. We worked on some key aspects of his pivot, especially in his backswing to set him up for better performance. He already had a good feel for his through swing, however his backswing was creating some alignment issues making it hard to use the through swing skills he already developed.

College Golfer

Comp College
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In just a short period of time this player went from a walk-on college player to a consistent leader on his team. From his first lesson he achieved success and has enjoyed consistent improvements due to his commitment to training. As we like to say with the proper information and a good work ethic you can achieve a lot of success in a short period of time. In this video we continue to refine his skills.

Young Professional Golfer

COMP Young Pro
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This professional started out at a small college with little hope of playing professionally. In just two seasons he has rocketed up the ranks where he can confidently pursue playing professionally. In the beginning it wasn’t even really a dream to play professionally, and now it is more than a dream, it is a reality. Check out the ongoing lesson progress in this video.

Mini-Tour Professional’s Remote Lesson

Comp Mini-Tour
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This player chased a lot of trends and sought out a lot of top instructors to chase his dream of playing professionally. His progress stalled, until we performed all the biomechanical screens and created a plan for his improvement. Most of our work has been through remote coaching. By understanding his biomechanical blueprint and sticking with the recommended training he is now on his way to the Asian Tour Q-School. This video covers some of the recent work we’ve done together.

PGA Tour Champions Golfer

Comp PGA Tour
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This video is from a session with Scott McCarron during a recent Tour Stop. In this session we were working on Wedge Play and Partial Iron Shots, two areas where heightened performance will lead to lower scoring. We addressed tendencies, refinements and variable training.

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