Golf Swing Cornerstones

Game Enhancement for Avid, Club and Competitive Golfers

Great ball striking is the foundation of lowering your scores. Learn the secrets of Great Ball Striking through 7 videos with nearly 90 minutes of instruction.
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  • “Drive for show and putt for dough” is an old golfing adage. It sounds reasonable, but isn’t the whole truth. Of course, we need to putt well to score low. However, good driving and ball striking position us to be consistently competitive. That’s because they keep us in position to score well!
  • Without maintaining consistently good ball striking you will always need to scramble to score well. And that makes for very stressful rounds of golf.
  • Great ball striking makes it easier to score lower. Competitors routinely recognize when their opponents have a “Ho-Hum” low scoring round. By that they mean, “Wow, that looked like a really simple and easy round of golf.”
  • Missing greens in regulation makes the job of scoring low more difficult. The Golf Swing Cornerstones will help you secure more greens in regulation, making your golf more simple.
  • Ultimately great ball striking is what is going to produce better driving and more accurate approach shots, which will in turn position you to score lower more consistently. Therefore, this module will play a large role in Making Your Golf Simple.
  • Approximately 1 hour 24 minutes of video instruction helping you learn the Secrets of Great Ball Striking.

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