Playing in the Flow

For Golfers of All Levels

Playing in the Flow is all about have the “Zone Experience!” Learn how to develop a routine designed to get your game into “The Zone” while Playing in the Flow! Over 100 minutes of instruction via 19 videos.
  • Performing in the Flow is one of the most enjoyable experiences in the game. This module will help you acquire that experience more consistently.
  • Jack Nicklaus wrote about the golf swing being, “One continuous flowing motion” and that the flow of the motion was more important than the positions we swing through. This module will help you acquire that flowing motion.
  • It is often said, “You have to play with what you’ve got.” Or, “You’ve got to dance with whom you brought to the dance.” To do that, you need to master playing in the flow.
  • Playing in the flow requires getting your mind in the right place and that requires being less mental and more present. Learning to quiet the mind will help you become more present.
  • People say that golf is a mental game. I disagree! People are mental, we are the most mental animal that walks the planet. One of the keys to playing great golf is to get the mind in a place where you can be more responsive and less thoughtful. This module will help you get there!
  • Approximately 100 minutes of instructional videos designed to help you Play in the Flow by developing a routine organized to help you enjoy the “Zone Experience!”

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