The Fundamentals

Great for Beginners, Recreational & Avid Golfers

All the greats from Bobby Jones, Hogan, Nicklaus and Woods talk about the importance of the Fundamentals. By focusing on The Fundamental Principles of Accuracy, Power and Good Feel, this module will help you solidify your Fundamental Skills through 8 videos approximately 80 minutes in length.
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  • All golfers strive for Accuracy, Power and Good Feel. If you have accuracy and good feel, you want power. If you have power and good feel you want accuracy. When you have accuracy and power you want better feel. However, when you have all three you’ve got it all from a Fundamental point of view.
  • Ben Hogan wrote, “I have never seen a great player whose method of striking the ball did not include the fundamentals we will emphasize.” This module will emphasize the necessary Fundamentals.
  • The Fundamental skills related to Accuracy will come from managing the club with a sound arm swing. Fundamental power will come from using your body to pivot and use the ground effectively. Good Feel comes from coordinating the arm swing with the pivot so they are synchronized together.
  • “Rhythm and Timing are two things we all must have…” Bobby Jones. These are the two Fundamentals related to good feel, and you will improve them in this module.
  • Fred Shoemaker, my inner game coach, says that being extraordinary is simply performing the ordinary extremely well. You can play extraordinarily well by simply performing your Fundamentals extremely well.
  • Approximately 1 hour 20 minutes of instructional videos helping you solidify your Fundamentals by focusing on the Fundamentals related to Accuracy, Power and Good Feel.

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